Yichun lies in northwest of Jiangxi province, in the east side of Nanchang, borders upon Changsha to the west. Han emperor five years (201 BC), the nobility Chenying was ordered to build up the city and named it Yichun for "the crystal clear spring besides the city". During the Tang Dynasty, the poem " TengWangGe Xu "written by the famous poet Wangbo, there are verses as "nature's treasures, outstanding people" , of which the people and the deeds all originated from Yichun .The literary giant Hanyu wrote the verse "don't blame Yichun is too far away, it's well worth your visit". The philosopher Zhuxi of the Song Dynasty once said " there're many wonderful hills to see while having a walk in the open country of Yichun".

    Yichun dominates three cities and six counties, with a total area of 1.87 square kilometers and a population of 5.5 million. Yichun enjoys a beautiful environment. Most of the region is mountainous. It has a subtropical mild climate, abundant rainfall. It's characterized by clearly-cut seasons, and well known for its picturesque scenery. Yichun has an advantage traffic .The Beijing-Kowloon Line and Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway run throughout, as well as N0.320&105 National Road and Shanghai-Kunming &Wuhan-Jian freeways, etc. Mingyueshan airport has opened routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities, and Hangzhou-Changsha high-speed rail will be in operation soon. Yichun is rich in tourism resources. There're 21 national A class scenic spots, 1 national level scenic region, 2 national nature reserves,3 national water parks,4 national forest parks and 8 national key cultural relics protection units. Yichun is a world-wide famous cultural tourism city, listed in "China's Top 100 Tourist Cities"&" China's best tourist resorts", and "China's best folk culture featured resorts".

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